Tuesday, 26 December 2017

VSSM helped Rekhaben Devipujak to fulfill her dream to have her own house

Rekhaben Devipoojak ogot her own house

Rekhaben of Denotified triebe with the house of her dream. 

“Av ame lokoni jem re’vanu shikhi jya. Pe’la to na’va dho’vani y hamaj na’ti padti. Sapramo oy-thi-to padyo reta’ta. Hu n ma’ro ghar valo fugga n budhdhina baal vech’ta. Hakhal-Dakhal badhu hede jatu, pan Maheshbhai malya k nai? Tyarti amar ji’van j badlaai jyu.”

“We have now learnt to live like other people. Previously we had no sense of even taking bath or anything! We used to move our hut here to there and stayed on. I and my husband used to sell balloons and Cotton-Candy. It was a kind of irregular life-style until we met Maheshbhai but after meeting him, our life changed.”

During 2009, when we met Rekhabahen Devipujak, she was not having Voter card, Ration Card or any other document that may be helpful to recognize as the citizen of India. Maheshbhai made her understand that life cannot be lead only on the balloons and candy selling. You can start a new business like selling vegetables to fulfill your financial needs. Rekhaben showed enthusiasm and she thought to take chances with the new business. ‘Vicharta Samuday Samarthan Manch’ helped her by donating a vegetable hand cart costing Rs. 5500. She was worried that if the business may not be well but then slowly and gradually it was streamlined. Her courage to work was boosted with it and she also got in to making hearth out of asbestos sheets. She also did seasonal farming on a partnership basis and earned 37,000 profit in it. Rekhaben’s hard work brought her to enough financial stability to dream for her own house. 

Rekhaben Devipujak previously ,with her children 

She asked for Rs. 10,000 loan and VSSM helped her by providing interest free loan to buy her dream home. She bought house under government scheme. Nearly after the 8 years of struggle, Rekhaben has now her own house and financial stability. 

This help made her sensitive towards her handicapped brother in law’s family which earlier she could not even think because of her own struggle to earn enough to lead her own life well. She now feels so confident that she is able to earn well and may take additional responsibility to help other family members. This is how the sense of helping others has extended in her life. 

VSSM has this strength to help the enthusiastic Rekhaben who struggle to lead life just because of the lack of easy financial help. Our donor’s help becomes the backbone of someone’s life in various people’s life. 

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